FRIENDS of the Andalusia Animal Shelter

2013 “Friends of the Shelter”

At their February 5th meeting, Andalusia City Council members approved the Humane Society’s request for “Friends of the Shelter” status to foster a developing relationship with the Andalusia Animal Shelter (AAS) and establish a sustainable network of programs and services to create a model, animal-friendly community in Andalusia and Covington County.

“Friends of the Shelter” status will further the Humane Society’s mission through community outreach; provide volunteer support for shelter staff;  increase adoption opportunities for healthy, adoptable animals from the shelter;  and include adopted shelter animals in our Stray Dog and Cat Spay/Neuter program administered through local veterinarians.

Our first priority is an aggressive spay and neuter program to curb overpopulation and prevent euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals.   Neutering dogs and cats is the surest way to reduce the seemingly endless stream of abused, neglected, and homeless animals filling shelters and suffering on their own.  Vast resources required to combat the issues of overpopulation are greatly reduced with effective spay and neuter programs.Friends of the Shelter sign

Putting “Friends of the Shelter” into Practice

  •  Provide funding assistance and establish procedure whereby all dogs and cats adopted from the shelter are transported to a local veterinarian for examination and neutering before going to their new home.
  • Set up a Pet Food Pantry with regular distribution dates for needy, local families to receive temporary free food to help feed their pets.
  • Conduct follow up “home visits” to newly adopted pet families
  • Hold regular “Adoption Days” at the AAHS Pearl Street building on weekends or holidays when the shelter may be closed to the public.  These events can also be scheduled with other ‘animal related’ community events at the AAHS building on Pearl Street.
  • Apply for grants available to non-profits to increase funding for spay/neuter and shelter programs.
  • Pursue all available opportunities for non-profits that might help us create a model, animal-friendly community in Andalusia and Covington County.
  • Maintain a contact list of member volunteers for the shelter, when needed.



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