CAWS4PAWS Spay/Neuter Form & Stray Survey


CAWS4PAWS = Citizens for Animal Welfare Solutions

The Andalusia Area Humane Society’s long-standing community low-cost spay/neuter program is supported by donors & volunteer residents of Covington County, AL – Citizens for Animal Welfare Solutions.   Our goal is to end the suffering and unwanted litters of strays and feral cats in our community.   If you are a resident of Covington County, Alabama we invite you to join us in our mission of spay & neuter to, ultimately, eliminate the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets in overcrowded shelters because there are not enough homes for them.

Our low-cost spay/neuter program offers assistance to low income families and those adopting strays through our affiliated programs with local veterinarians.

PLEASE READ:  The Low Cost Spay Neuter application should be submitted to the participating veterinarian of your choice.  They, in turn, pass them on to us when the surgery is completed.  In the past these forms were submitted to us and forwarded to the veterinarian, but in order to simplify and expedite the process we ask that you submit directly to the veterinarian for an appointment.  This is the best way we’ve found to maximize the effectiveness of the AAHS Low-cost Spay & Neuter fund for Covington County residents.

AAHS Low Cost Spay Neuter Form

Please complete our CAWS4PAWS survey below to help us identify the numbers and locations of problem areas where strays can be found.

Online CAWS4PAWS Survey

Promoting the importance of spay/neuter procedures is a top priority for the AAHS.  Hundreds of adoptable, loving pets are euthanized every year in our local shelter because there simply are not enough homes for all for the animals.

Countless other animals are abandoned to suffer, endure the elements, and fend for themselves.  It’s a very sad situation that can only be improved by responsible pet owners who have their pets spayed and neutered.

While it is the law in Alabama that all shelter animals be spayed or neutered before their adoption is complete, the law only specifies that they be neutered within a certain number of days following adoption.  And while some Alabama shelters take it upon themselves to fix them all before they go home with anyone  – many do not.  Sadly, this can create an ongoing, generational cycle of unwanted & unloved litters of puppies & kittens that keep that revolving door busy at Alabama animal control shelters.  We must do better & we must ALL do our part.

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